An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
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An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

This article deals primarily with giving the reader an introduction to biblical archeology and how it was instrumental to helping followers of the Bible to prove its historical background and thus strengthen its claims.

The world has given rise to many different religions, each one built on the concepts learned through philosophical theories which make the need for archeology to prove these concepts a mute situation. However this is not the case when it comes to Christianity, one of the things about Christianity and in some cases the Jewish religions, the entire concept is built on the history lessons that the Bible teaches. The Bible itself became the center of many explorations of an archeological type with the expressed nature of finding out if the scriptures in the Bible were true or were they simply a group of well organized writings.

One of the things that Christians have seen to be true is that the historical significance that a person will find when reading the Bible will cause many different people, especially archeologists to spend massive amounts of time looking for artifacts and any other proofs for or against the Bible. Thus, the study of Biblical Archeology evolved, from the basic archeological principals to proving that the places, people and things were indeed a part of human history and the Earth people walk on would provide the evidences that are needed to prove that many historical facts found in the Bible did indeed happen and can be proved.

In the earliest days of Christianity, many spent years trying to disprove or attack the Bible and its claims. One of the first attacks came from those who were interested in saying that these happenings could not have happened because there was a lack of proof. In fact it became very important to philosophically based religions to discredit the Bible and thus giving their own religions more credibility. However this was not easily done, as the Christians were prepared and came together to keep abreast of those who were working against the Church.

Later on during the 1700s and beyond science took a strong stand against the Bible and its historical backgrounds. Humanism, Rationalism and Evolutionism brought many people who were intent on dismantling the Bible and increasing the popularity of these sciences. Christians on the other hand took to archeology, as it could produce proofs that would prove the Bible. In fact this became the focus of many academics who would train in the fields of theology and those trained in apologetics, to allow them to defend the Bible. The results were great for the Biblical followers. With the use of archeological proofs the Bible was shown to be correct in many of its historical claims.

Several discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as many other artifacts have gone a long way to defend the Bible. Biblical archeology has helped to make the defense for the Christian beliefs stronger and is instrumental in leading the movement to learn more about the histories contained in the Bible.

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Comments (3)

A very interesting and intriguing subject, Biblical Archaeology.

A challenging article on Biblical accuracy. Liked and buzzed.

Excellent, thanks for sharing. : )