Only Theories Yet No Evidence of the Lost Land of Lemuria
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Only Theories Yet No Evidence of the Lost Land of Lemuria

Supposedly, roughly 60,000 years ago, a civilization by the name of Lemuria existed but was brought down by either the forces of mother nature or possibly by warfare brought on by mankind. However, only ocean exists now where the city is believed to be and no evidence of its existence has surfaced in order to help tell its tale.

Theories have surfaced that a lost civilization and land prior to the existence of Atlantis once thrived in the Southern Pacific known as Lemuria.  This land, also known as ‘Mu’ (Motherland), existed over 60,000 years ago but became enclosed due to the movement of tectonic plates and was overcome with ocean water.  Since then tribal folktales, religious teachings, and even art and pottery of tribes belonging to parts from all over the Pacific Rim have led archaeologists and experts to believe that all of these teachings must have derived from some type of motherland.

Traces of these same teachings have been found as far as the Gobi desert as well.  However, experts are beginning to conclude that if indeed there was a land by the name of Lemuria, than it may have had to been evacuated due to natural disasters only leaving just a few remaining survivors to carry on, much similar to that of the theories proposed for the lost city of Atlantis.  Although so many clues found all over these parts of the world help pinpoint experts to believe that Lemuria might have existed, no actual evidence belonging to the city has surfaced in order to prove it. 

Ocean water only exists now where scientists believe Lemuria might have existed.  However, experts Ernst Heinrich Haeckel and Philip Lutley Sclater suggested that a sort of ‘land-bridge’ might have existed where the Indian ocean is now 60,000 years ago.  This would help explain the reason why Lemurs are found in Africa as well as the East Indian archipelago.  Of course if these ‘land-bridges’ did indeed exist at one point in time here than indeed cities would have been there as well.  It is this theory, and new theories, that experts use in order to help them conclude the possibility that Lemuria might have existed.  Much more research is being conducted on the matter.

However, many people believe that yes, Lemuria did exist but the technologies and the scientific achievements of that civilization was much more advanced than it is today.  It is also their belief that the civilization did not fall due to natural disasters but rather to disasters caused by mankind.  The belief is that mankind caused its own destruction, either by warfare or an accident on a colossal scale, and therefore had to evacuate the city.  But these are just theories proposed with not much research or evidence backing them up.  Until actual evidence surfaces though scientists, archaeologists, and experts alike are all exploring the many different possibilities and ideas pertaining to the ancient civilization of Lemuria.              


The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria.” By Brian Haughton. New Dawn Magazine.

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