The Cause of Death of Dinosaurs
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The Cause of Death of Dinosaurs

Recent studies support the asteroid theory, providing new elements like the theory that dinosaurs died within hours of the asteroid hitting instead of the common belief that dinosaurs died out over a period of months. So far, some of the most compelling pieces of evidence about how the dinosaurs died point to the asteroid as the culprit.



People have been fascinated with dinosaurs at least once in their lives. The largest animals that ever walked the Earth are the subjects of childish fantasies both in young and old people. This is probably because there is so much we still don't know about these creatures. One of the greatest mysteries about them is how they died out and became extinct. There are several theories as to how the dinosaurs died, and we will discuss them in this article.

Theories about Dinosaur Extinction

There are several theories about how the dinosaurs died, and some of them can be really far out and ridiculous. Some of these wild theories even include aliens wiping them out. However, some of these theories hold scientific merit, which is why there is no universally accepted reason why and how dinosaurs became extinct.

Rapid climate change due to massive volcanoes erupting, enveloping the entire planet in thick clouds of smoke and volcanic ash. This layer of smoke and ash are said to have plunged the entire planet into darkness, causing extreme cold, which meant plant life dying without the all important element in their growth: sunlight. This climate change is said to have caused dinosaurs to starve to death.

Rapid climate change due to the change in the Earth's axis is another consideration for some scientists, but not enough data can support that this could have happened and could have caused a sudden change in the world's climate, killing dinosaurs in a short period of time.

Widespread disease is another possible cause for the extinction of dinosaurs because disease has indeed killed a lot of them. However, it is highly unlikely that a worldwide spread of disease could wipe out dinosaurs in a short amount of time.

The Killer Asteroid

Among all theories about the mass extinction of dinosaurs, the asteroid theory is the most likely to have happened. In this theory, an asteroid is believed to have hit the planet somewhere off the coast of Mexico with a force strong enough to heat the entire planet's atmosphere within hours, causing the entire surface of the planet to become extremely heated like the inside of an oven. Most scientists believe that this is the most likely scenario that ended the rule of the dinosaurs.

Scientific studies and discoveries involving dinosaur fossils and layers of earth provide evidence that a meteor did indeed hit the Earth and it has indeed affected the entire planet. However, there is not enough evidence to conclude that this asteroid is indeed the perpetrator of the extinction of dinosaurs. This is simply because some land animals survived the meteor crash. Some animals under water also died out while most of them survived.

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